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Social Responsibility

Our Responsibility

In the face of increasing global concern over climate change, destruction of forests and species extinction, Combined Developers is doing its part to improve the environment and be involved in working with the natural world around us. We see trees as the basis of wealth, as well as the character and integrity of any area and development.

Since 2012, Combined Developers has planted more than 700 trees at public schools throughout the Northern Suburbs in the Cape Town area. These School Tree Planting projects connect students to the benefits of trees and foster environmental stewardship. Developers Charity Fund Formed in 2011, the Charity Fund is responsible for administering the group’s corporate social responsibility programme. The Fund is concentrating its efforts on helping the poor by assisting many needy organisations and individuals in our community.

The broad range of beneficiaries, chosen, according to selected criteria, include organisations dealing with food distribution and school-feeding programmes, the safeguarding of abused women and children, safety and shelter for the poor, support to cancer patients, medical contribution to the needy, and various other programmes. The fund has also initiated a bursary programme to fund promising, tertiary level students. The Fund is run by a representative committee of our staff which meets monthly to evaluate new funding applications.



The Green Project

At Combined Developers, we practise sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own demands. We believe that everyone should live, work and play in harmony with the natural environment, considering the social, environmental and economic aspects of our decisions, and reduce our footprint by living a less energy-, water- and material-intensive lifestyle. Social sustainability is also important, and working towards a healthy and safe community is often connected with economic and environmental endeavours.

Through our Green Building Project, we offer a truly sustainable building solution to our clients, and take an active stance towards minimising our ecological footprint. We strive to promote the practice of green building and sustainable architecture in the construction industry by actively incorporating economically viable green-building practices in all our projects. Going forward, we will add alternative products, accessories and green ideas to our range of products, as well as continue to take an active stance in recognising the impacts of global warming. Combined Developers actively participates in promoting Green Building by: Recycling construction refuses; Saving energy through the use of solar geysers, heat-pumps, and energy saving lighting; Using passive design or ‘green’ architecture; Storm water capture for re-use and Responsible landscaping.

We further believe that home-buyers also have a major role to play in making their houses environmentally friendly and more sustainable. Through incorporating awareness of environmentally sustainable design principles and expressing such preferences, everyone can bring about significant change across the industry.


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